Tuesday 7 February 2012

Rice Kheer (Pudding)

rice kheer

Rice kheer or chawal ki kheer is one of the most popular desserts of Indian Subcontinent. It is even offered as prasad. It’s very delicious and my family prefers it chilled. So after the kheer reaches room temperature, we refrigerate it.
Recipe of rice kheer (payasam)
1 liter milk
1/4 cup rice
1/4 tsp elaichi (cardamom) powder
4-5 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp almonds (blanched and slivered)
1 tbsp kewra water (optional)
1. Soak the rice for 1/2 an hour. Drain.
2. In a heavy bottomed pan, bring the milk to boil. Add rice and lower heat.
3. Cook stirring in between till rice is cooked and kheer thickens. Cook till the desired consistency is reached.
4. Add sugar and cook stirring till sugar dissolves. Turn off heat and add almonds and cardamom powder. When the kheer has cooled down somewhat, add kewra water. Serve rice kheer hot or cold.
kesari kheer

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