Sunday 12 February 2012

Churma (Rajasthani Sweet)


Churma is a very popular sweet from Rajasthan. Churma or churma ladoos are made in most households in Rajasthan on big and small occasions. As you start eating this sweet, it grows on you. Churma satisfies your sweet tooth completely and makes you feel connected to your vast inheritance.
Recipe of churma
1 cup atta (whole wheat flour)
3 tbsp sooji (semolina/ rawa)
6-7 tbsp powdered sugar (vary according to taste)
4 tbsp ghee (clarified butter)
1/2 tsp elaichi (green cardamom) powder
Mixed chopped nuts like almonds, raisins
Ghee for frying
1. Mix atta, sooji and ghee. Adding warm water, knead it into stiff dough.
2. Take small balls (pedas, muthias) from the dough and deep fry in ghee. Heat should be medium for frying. Fry till brown. Shape of the balls is not important. When fried, drain by a slotted spoon.
3. When the fried balls have cooled down, grind them in a mixer to a coarse powder.
4. Mix powdered sugar, chopped almond, raisins (kishmish) and elaichi powder. Store this churma in an airtight container. It stays fresh for some days.

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