Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bhuna Chana Murmura (Roasted Chickpea and Puffed Rice)

bhuna chana murmura

Feel like munching in between meals, especially with evening tea or coffee. Well, I have a low calorie snack which will satiate those hunger pangs without adding to your waistline, roasted or bhuna chana murmura or roasted chickpea and puffed rice.
Recipe of roasted chana murmura
150 gms bhuna chana (roasted chickpeas without skin)
200 gms murmura (puffed rice/mamra/kurmura/borugulu)
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
Few curry leaves
1 tsp chaat masala
2 tbsp oil
1. Heat oil in a big kadhai or a vessel. Add curry leaves and sauté them for 1 minute till they crisp out.
2. Add chana, salt and all the spices. Roast on a medium heat till chana turns slightly darker (but not too dark) stirring constantly.
3. Add murmura and mix everything well. Roast, stirring till murmura turns crisp (you can check a few grains of murmura).
4. Turn off the heat and take out chana murmura out of the kadhai and let it cool down completely before storing in an airtight container. Your low calorie snack is ready which will last you for days.

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