Thursday 17 November 2011

Healthy (Corn Flakes) Cereal Chivda

cornflakes chivda
Cereal chivda or corn flakes chivda is a healthy alternative to deep fried namkeen available in the market. At times we all want to munch on crispy, crunchy, salty snacks but are afraid of putting on weight or their adverse effects on health. So, this is my kind of guilt free snacking. Try it!
Recipe of cornflakes chivda
150 gms murmura (kurmura/ mamra/ puffed rice/ moodhi)
50 gms bhuna chana (roasted chickpeas)
50 gms peanuts (moongphali)
Few curry leaves
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp red chilli powder
2 tsp salt or to taste
75 gms corn flakes (unflavored)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
2 tbsp oil
How to make cornflakes chivda
1. Heat oil in a big kadhai/wok. Add mustard seeds and when they pop, add curry leaves and cook till they crisp out.
2. Add peanuts and bhuna chana. Roast till they change color but don't burn them.
3. Add salt, turmeric and red chilli powders. Cook for few seconds.
4. Add murmura and corn flakes. Mix them really well and on medium heat, keep mixing them for 2-3 minutes till murmura turns crisp. Turn off the heat.
5. Let the cornflakes chivda cool down completely before storing it in an airtight container.

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