Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Toasting/ Roasting Nuts in Microwave

roasted cashews

Roasting nuts in microwave is a breeze. You will be surprised as to how quick and easy this job is. All it takes is a few minutes to toast or roast nuts like almonds, cashews or peanuts in a microwave.
Recipe of roasting nuts in microwave
Cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts- as required
Salt to taste
Oil or Ghee (clarified butter) or butter- as required
Chaat masala (optional)
roasted almonds

1. Mix nuts of your choice like cashew nuts, almonds or peanuts with oil or butter or ghee.
2. Sprinkle salt and chaat masala over them and mix.
3. On a microwave safe plate, spread these nuts evenly.
4. Cook on a micro High for 2 minutes. Then check after every 30 seconds till they turn slightly brown. It usually takes 3-4 minutes to roast them but it also depends on the power of your microwave oven.
5. Take out of the micro and let them cool. When fresh from the micro, nuts will be soft but turn crisp when cool down.

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