Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cooking Tips and Tricks

1. Wipe clean your tawa (griddle) after roasting 2-3 rotis to remove residual flour.
2. After kneading the roti dough, keep it aside for at least 20 minutes before making rotis. This will soften the dough and it will be more pliable.
3. Asafoetida added while cooking reduces the flatulence associated with eating certain foods like beans and legumes.
4. Soaking the legumes like rajma, chana overnight and then draining the water in which they were soaked helps to lessen the gaseousness associated with their consumption.
5. Sour substances like tomatoes, lemon and tamarind prevent the cooking of dal and vegetables so they should be added toward the end of cooking process.
6. You can always use leftover rotis by roasting them in a little ghee (clarified butter) on a tawa and sprinkling a dash of salt and red chilli powder over them. These   rotis can also be called as khakra.
7. You can reheat the rotis in a microwave by wrapping them in a paper towel or cloth and heating them for 20-30 seconds on a High.

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