Thursday, 5 September 2013

Roasted Makhana (Fox nuts)

roasted makhana

Here I have given the recipe of roasted phool makhana as eaten during fasts. I have just seasoned makhane with sendha salt but if you want to eat roasted and salted makhana as any other snack (without fast), you can add ordinary salt and other spices like red chilli powder and chaat masala. Roasted savory makana is a good snacking option as it is rich in Calcium and other nutrients and taste absolutely great, crispy and crunchy.
Recipe of roasted makhana
2 cups makhana (fox nuts/lotus seeds/phool makhana)
Sendha salt to taste
2 tsp ghee (clarified butter)
1. Heat ghee in a pan or a kadhai. On a medium heat, add makhane.
2. Add salt and mix well.
3. Roast makhana on a medium heat, stirring constantly otherwise they will burn.
4. Roast till makhana turn pinkish. Turn off the heat and take makhane out of kadhai. Serve salted and roasted phool makhana.

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