Friday, 12 July 2013

Green Pea (Matar) Patties

green pea patties

Green pea patties or hare matar ki patty is a good and healthy breakfast option. I'm sure your kids will like it too.
Recipe of green pea patties
1 cup green peas (hare matar) - shelled
2 green chillies- chopped
1/2 cup paneer (Indian cottage cheese) - grated
1/4 tsp roasted cumin (jeera) powder
Salt to taste
2 tsp tomato ketchup
8 slices of bread- buttered lightly
1 tbsp oil
How to make green pea patties
1. Heat oil in a pan and saute green chillies till light brown.
2. Add peas, salt and cumin powder. Mix and cook covered till done. You can also add little water while cooking. Turn off the heat.
3. Mash the peas roughly.
4. Add tomato ketchup and grated paneer and mix well.
5. Spread pea mixture on buttered side of 4 bread slices.
6. Cover with buttered side of remaining slices. Press.
7. Grill on a wire rack of hot oven or toast in a sandwich maker. Cut into triangles and serve green pea patties hot.
matar patties

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